Blood Splash V2. New Updates!!

Thank you for installing the new version of Blood Splash v.2, Digital Asset for Houdini 12.1, with this asset you can make fabulous and detailed blood, water, paint or juice splashs, quality of detail and a fluid with many threads.
This Asset was created for use in a real movie production, we needed a way to facilitate the work of the artists due to the large number of shots in which we had to do blood.

With this tool we solve for the most shots that require blood near of camera and highly detailed.
This is actually the second version of the tool, the first version is not available as it was only a beta version, this version has included many important features such as:

– Interface improved, more accessible and more orderly for artists.

– Different methods for calculating volume surface for enhanced fit your issuer.

– Vortex-curl force in the noise, for more randomness.

– Added option substeps, for when your simulation requires the calculation of more intermediate steps.

– Added possibility of boundary changes of main container splash.

– Added Kill Collision for your splash, you can delete your fluid to collide with a object, or simply remove the area of a fluid that does not interest you.

– Added more strength to your splash as Impulse Magnet or Buoyancy.

– Added Collisions, now you can do your fluid collide with any static or animated geometry, and adjust the thickness of your collision volume.

– Values were changed Defaults for better use of your splash and so by default, you can get a nice splash.

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