CERN PROJECT: FULL CG Andromeda Galaxy

CERN Project: Full CG Andromeda Galaxy + Dynamics.

Hi friends, i want to share with you a pic from a project that i did a year ago.

This is a Galaxy Animation, completly FULL CG and the Galaxy dynamics are based on a real galaxies movements, and they are approved by astrophysics.

The workflow to create it was:

– Realflow python script was used to create real galaxy dynamics

– Houdini FLIP Fluids was emited from every point of the realflow script, previously loaded into houdini.

– Imported to 3DMax to create secondary elements like, Dust, Mist, Stars, Stars and more stars.

– Rendered in Vray, 8K at 360 degress.

I can share a still image only because the project is not finished yet, an i can show this low resolution image.

The Image Distortion is because is Full Dome Resolution (Planetariums)   CERN_ANDROMEDA_low

Categorías:FumeFX, Houdini, RealFlow


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